Sunday, January 6, 2008

Collective Subjectivity – On the way to new manners of working and distribution formats in audiovisual media.
Janus von Abaton / Till Nikolaus von Heiseler / Sophia Nabokov / Andres Fuentes Cannobbio / Schlomo Uhlenspiegel
1. About this Text Together with the camcorder revolution and with the digital possibilities of post production and distribution an immense technical space of feasibility was opened. The actual possibilities of realisation however are restricted by the network of standardized production and distribution, by traditional methods which still date from the time of classical film and by our ideas which are formed by cinema and TV.
This text invites video artists, film-makers, film-editors and actors to reflect and to develop together a method for developing non linear and polyphone narrative ways for the area of audio-vision and of other...
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