Monday, February 11, 2008


:: italy - 19 squares
:: spain - 7 squares
:: canada - 18 squares
:: serbia & montenegro - 21 squares
:: portugal - 14 squares
:: australia & dominican r. - 2 squares
:: usa - 12 squares
:: croatia & greece - 5 squares
:: cuba - 9 squares
:: england - 12 squares
:: nederland - 13 squares
:: belgium & france - 11 squares
:: 7 special projects

objective of this collection/research initiative is to explore a visual and artistic aspects of public urban squares [plazas] as a nucleus of any neighbourhood. we are interpreting/translating their language about the urban morphology and fundamental values in the overall social integration and sustainability of the urban life.
over time we were inspired to start performing analysis of urban neighbourhoods and produce their "psychogeographical portraits" as a mental reaction to the visited space. see the map of all our [psychogeography performances].
urbansqares project is "walking on a very narrow path" between art and science. intention is to have artistic freedom in interpreting the facts, and provoke some action from interested and influential people. as an integral, and very important part of this project, classification system is developed, consisting of [evaluation method] and [types of city squares]. other even more important parts are our [activities related to urban issues and psychogeography, urbansquares art projects and documentation].

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