Thursday, May 15, 2008


Included in the exhibition are several works from the artist’s Emotional Architecture series, each related to a particular place: sony/wmf/pp (1994-2003) to Amsterdam, Sample City (2005) to Bucharest, Romania, Trip (2006) to Tallinn, Estonia, and the new work inspired by Charleston. Using documentary images from the 1886 earthquake preserved in the holdings of the South Caroliniana Library at the University of South Carolina, nineteenth and twentieth century photographs from area archives, audio from films such as The Patriot, and video material gathered on-site, Dan focuses our attention on the complex, mixing layers of time and experience left on our buildings, on our city, and on our culture—and what we make of them in our lives today. For Dan, these images contain the ghostly traces of the past that leave fissures on our present—like the post-earthquake fissures left on the landscape, the cracks in the structure of Randolph Hall, and the remnants of history that project into our present. Fissures > are also separating forces, cracks that open between spaces, allowing us to manipulate what we see and understand about our environment.

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