Monday, September 8, 2008

Azazel Jacobs

The son of avant-garde filmmaker Ken Jacobs.
His first short film Message Machine " a brilliant example of how the avant-garde and experimental can still tell us something about the human experience that no amount of budget or special effects ever will."
His graduation film, Kirk and Kerry, won best short film at Slamdance in 1997, and he began making his first feature, Nobody Needs to Know while studying for his Masters at AFI in Los Angeles. The film, which played the festival circuit in 2003, fused conventional narrative with more experimental elements as Jacobs grappled with the idea of “honest” filmmaking. The film is about fame and how pursues those who run from it, and runs from those who pursue it. After an appalling audition Iris decides she probably does not want it after all, clashing with her roommate Mira, who will do anything to get there. At the same time in Manhattan- which plays a major role itself- a young man explores behind the camera and outside the frame.
He followed it up in 2005 with the delightful offbeat comedy drama The GoodTimesKid, which he made for just $10,000 in collaboration with Jacobs' girlfriend Sara Diaz and Drama/Mex director (and fellow AFI alum) Gerardo Naranjo.
Jacobs' third feature, Momma's Man, sees him return home with the story of Mikey (Matt Boren), who stays at his parents' house while on a business trip to New York. Lulled by the security of these familiar surroundings, he starts concocting reasons why he can't return to his wife and baby daughter in California...

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