Friday, October 31, 2008

Pascal Lievre
Watch the videos of Pascal Lievre... and the re-contextualization of famous songs.
A Jesus Christ singing Gérald De Palmas's "Marie" or
two women in love singing Liz MC Clarnon's "Woman in love"
and many more like this...
Some reviews:
Pascal Lièvre born in 1963 in Lisieux. Lives and works in Paris.
Specialising in the diversion of pop music, Pascal Lièvre proceeds an a surgical manner, re-injecting some sense into well-known tunes, always with the intention of provoking revealing collisions. With very limited means, like a whole branch of contemporary young video artists (static shots, hardly any editing, minimal lighting...), the Parisian artist gives his often virulent opinion on the evolution of our societies. This is exactly what we expect of a video-maker today, humour included.
Pascal LIèvre, born in 1963, lives in Paris. His work as a painter began there more than ten years ago and has developed into the "musée des ombres". This video allows one to follow his research and his recent works were widely shown in major film festivals. Since 2000, the videos are based on the principle of karaoké by Abba Mao where the artist sings a passage from "petit livre rouge" of Mao Tsé-Toung to the rhythem of "Money, Money, Money" by Abba mixing the cultural symbols. While singing, his picture is erased little by little until his complete disappearance under red make-up, drowning itself in a background of the same color. .

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