Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Jelly is a new way of developing websites that works to close the gap between web users and web developers.  The software, which is open-source, lives on the server of a user who maintains complete control over the data.  Jelly wraps all the complex data processes that are needed to develop interactive, data-driven, social websites, into a web development environment that looks and feels much like the web services that users are used to,  like Facebook, Flickr, or Youtube.    By working to make the experience of developing a web service as fluid, natural, and  beautiful as the experience of using a web service like Vimeo, Jelly hopes to empower the enthusiastic and creative class of web 2.0 service users to break free of static structures and begin to make the websites that they imagine.Basically, we offer a really fun, fluid, free  tool that eliminates many of the barriers to building and running an web service. The entire interface runs inside the browser, and no additional software is necessary.

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