Wednesday, December 10, 2008

non-western | are you or have you ever been? by Linda Wallace
'In her video non-western Linda Wallace subtitles her fascinating,rhythmic montage of Dutch vistas, highways and people with long stringsof numbers. These "facts and figures" describing Dutch society slidethrough the images at a fast pace, for instance: the total number ofnon-western immigrants in 2050, the percentage of non-westerners in thebiggest cites, and the total numbers of non-western young people.Wallace knowingly uses bureaucratic "truths" rather than the complex,contradictory and dynamic daily reality that the statistics hide. Whatdo these statistics do? The inclination towards statisticalessentialism, where lives become stuck in unambiguous, unalterable andirreconcilable identities is characteristic of the contemporary publicdebate, and bears a striking resemblance to the corners and straightlines of the Netherlands landscape.'

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