Sunday, February 15, 2009

Laurie Simmons's film 'The Music of Regret,'

ACT2:'Excellent Moon'

Cafe Song

from 'The Music of Regret,' by Laurie Simmons, featuring Adam Guettel as The Dummy // music M. Rohatyn, lyrics L. Simmons.

'The Music of Regret' is a mini-musical in three acts. The film is inspired by three distinct periods of Laurie Simmon’s photographic work. Vintage childcraft puppets, ventriloquist dummies and walking objects enact three tales of ambition, disappointment, love and regret. more

Read lyrics of the songs here

'The Music of Regret''s acts I and III also staged and performed live as part of PERFORMA05

Many more wonderful photographs and artworks at the artist's website

You can read also an interview here

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