Thursday, February 19, 2009


Lipotechnica is an international, integrated energy company based in Estonia.
It aims to manufacture, use and market clean burning fat. Lipotechnica is a proud producer of groundbreaking cost and enivronmental friendly Biofuel.
If all goes as planned for the company Lipotechnica and their development, a part of the city's vehicles get their fuel from a greasy, yellowish liquid distilled from the remnants of liposuction.
The research team at Lipotechnica has developed groundbreaking techniques of efficiently and economically production of a biofuel based on leftover products from liposuction. Making use of human medical waste products Lipotechnica is picking up the race with companies like ConocoPhillips making use of poultry fat - only their product line will have a nonviolent and high ecological profile.

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