Sunday, February 15, 2009

Technologically Expanded Dance

A new book accompanied by DVD "TeDance - Perspectives on Technologically Expanded Dance" has been published by Daniel Tércio.

"When preparing this paper, I have started attempting to identify a Portuguese accent. In order to do so, I have chronologically listed dance pieces exhibited in Portugal by Portuguese, or Portugal-based, choreographers, where intersections with new technologies were portrayed. Soon I was to face a curious dilemma: how would one distinguish ‘new technologies’? And above all, how would one identify those artworks where the authors take up technology not only as devices or resources but as dramaturgically purposeful?"
“Dance and Technology with Portuguese accent at the crossroads” excerpt, by Daniel Tércio.

In Tedance. Perspectives on Technologically Expanded Dance. Lisbon, FMH, 2009. 249 pp. Paper plus a DVD. ISBN: 987-972-735-160-2

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