Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Intermedia dance performances create peculiar, funny and unexpected movements. The interactive environment deforms the performers body in such an unconsious(?) way that it might not be created into any other setting. Such dance movements resemble to the movements of people with motion impairments and motion disabilities which they are so unpredictable that amaze the audience.

See for example Ursula Erdlicher's "Website Impersonations: The Ten Most Visited". This is a Live Performance Series choreographed by Web code. In these ten performances the "character" of a Website is embodied by (a) performer(s) who translate(s) the site's HTML code, which is fed in from the Web "on the fly",
Watch video explaning the setting of the project and video documentation of "" performance.

See also Palindrome, a performance group from Germany that uses Motion Tracking technology. They are known for its interactive dances. Using bio-sensors and motion tracking technology the music, lighting or video projections are controlled by the dancers' movement.

Watch "Movement controlling Lights" video into the "INTRO TO MO-TRACKING" tab of the videos section which is the best example related to the current post.

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