Monday, March 24, 2008


Imagine hordes of fearsome “warriors” raging into battle dressed in heavy armour and using massive vehicles from tanks, ships and even airplanes... made out of cardboard! Sounds mad, engaging and hilariously funny, doesn't it? So get some friends together, acquire tape and cardboard from the backyard of local grocery and you are ready for serious Boxwars action!
Boxwars is a concept event involving cardboard-clad “soldiers” who engage in gladiator-style fighting performances. Created by cardboard enthusiasts in Melbourne in 2001, Boxwars UK was transposed to Edinburgh in 2006 by Demian Deadly and became a cultural phenomenon.
Boxwars encourages grassroots creativity by young organisers, producers and participants. It promotes self-organising, event production in music club and outdoor contexts, networking, use of popular technology platforms as well as highlights new music and bands in the underground club scene. It also offers a fringe and creative/humorous slant on creative recycling practices (“fight or be recycled!”).

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