Tuesday, March 25, 2008


CREW is a Belgium-based performance group. Eric Joris being its key figure, this production team has brought together people from different domains depending on the projects that were being made. On the whole, CREW has insisted on making performances at the melting point of live art and technology.

Finding in experimental theatre a laboratory where they can test the progress of their own work, researchers from different universities develop original technologies for CREW to use in the performances. Permanent dialogue with the developments in robotics and computer sciences triggers the theatrical imagination of design and production, text and sound.

The artistic outcome tends to be hybrid; technological live art troubles installed categories of theatricality. CREW wants to explore how these hybridities can be operated, both on a theoretical and on a practical level. What happens when digital technology really merges production and reflection within the context of the stage - insofar as one can still speak of a stage?

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