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Burning Capital

Subject: PLATFORM launches Burning Capital, short films on the climate crisis
Date: Sun, 24 Feb 2008 11:06:56 +0000
From: Benjamin
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Dear Carbon Web subscriber,
We thought that you would be interested to hear about Burning
Capital, new within PLATFORM's Carbon Web project... This week
PLATFORM launched a series of short films on its website:

You may have seen the issues explored in the Thursday's Guardian:

We hope that you find the films useful - do let us know, it would be
great to have further dialog and any feedback on this new section of
our website.

Please send the attached e-flyer to anyone who might be interested.
best wishes,
Benjamin Diss - PLATFORM

Burning Capital
Burning Capital, a compelling series of short films explores the role
of Britain's largest corporation in the growing climate crisis.

From the creators of And While London Burns - a soundtrack for the era
of climate change, Burning Capital is a video voyage through the world
of oil giant BP.

BP delivered 1.3 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere
last year. Burning Capital asks - what will become of this giant in a
world where scientists, politicians and public opinion demand urgent
action to avert climate crisis.

Watch the films now at:

What is it?
The 45 minute documentary film is split into short downloadable
sections with interactive data panels that give you further
information on the background: details of oil and gas fields,
pipelines and refineries coming on stream this year plus biographies
of 18 key decision makers in BP, and graphs of the company's oil and
gas production and CO2 emissions 1997-2006.

PLATFORM's carbonweb website is currently experiencing technical
problems, it will be fully operation again within the next few days,
meanwhile you can access all content via PLATFORM's main website at:

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