Friday, March 7, 2008

New strategy to understand technology gets spotlight via

Reggio Emilia, Italy – February 24th, 2008 – An online course about
meta-technology, a new type of strategy to understand technology, has
recently been launched online via the website,

According to founder, Luca D'Angelo, "Meta-technology is created by
taking a piece of technology and modifying its standard
input-process-output flow. By using meta-technology, we can experience a
different type of interaction so when we use the original technology, we
gain a deeper understanding of it. It's like going to the moon,
experiencing a different gravity force, and then coming back to the
world so we can have a deeper understanding of the world's gravity."

Meta-technology takes a piece of technology and modifies the
input-process-output flow; deleting a part, altering a part, or adding a

Meta-language was invented many years ago in order to develop an
understanding of language. Now it's time for meta-technology to provide
an understanding of technology. offers an online course about meta-technology. The
course has been prepared in a way that provides a complete multi-sensory
experience to users. The online course is free and has meta-technologies
and videos that explain them.

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