Tuesday, April 22, 2008

3 Documentaries and 2 Art Films at the Tribeca Film Festival

Standard Operating Procedure
Can a photograph change the world? Can an exposé also be a coverup? In Standard Operating Procedure, Academy Award®-winning director Errol Morris turns the camera on the American soldiers who took the infamous Abu Ghraib photographs.
Followed by a conversation with Errol Morris. » View Film Details

2001: A Space Odyssey
Sponsored by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Kubrick’s 2001 caught the imagination of a generation with its near-hallucinatory depiction of space, artificial intelligence, and the human condition. The 40th anniversary of this film finds us once again confronting profound questions about the effects these things have had on our culture and our future.Followed by a conversation with scientists about the realities of Kubrick’s futuristic masterpiece and of artificial intelligence. » View Film Details

Celebrating Berlin
Hosted by the School of Visual ArtsLou Reed’s critically acclaimed 1973 album Berlin was yet another musical step forward in the career of the man who brought the darkest themes of literature to rock and roll. For years, Berlin was considered one of the more eclectic works in Reed’s extraordinary catalog, but one that clearly cried out for a theatrical presentation. In 2006, backed by a full orchestra, Reed performed the mini-opera in its entirety over five nights at St. Ann’s Warehouse in Brooklyn. And, under the direction of painter/director Julian Schnabel, this historic event was captured on film.
Followed by Lou Reed in a conversation with Vanity Fair's Lisa Robinson. » View Film Details

Empire II
Although inspired by a monument of cinematic stasis, Andy Warhol's eight-hour Empire (1964), this new three-hour experiment is an astonishingly beautiful and unexpectedly lively tone poem paying unforgettable tribute to the sights and sounds of the mythical, magical place called Manhattan. » View Film Details

Everywhere at Once
Renowned photographer Peter Lindbergh and experimental filmmaker Holly Fisher, with actress Jeanne Moreau, weave a tapestry of images shaping one woman's deepest sense of selfhood. Music by Lois V Vierk. » Read More http://www.peterlindbergh.com/everywhereatonce/

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