Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Architecture in Metaverse "Archidemo" (Second Life Dance 1)
"Archidemo" is experimental demonstration and research for the possibility of the architecture and environmental design in Metaverse(=the virtual-world). developed by Hidenori Watanave and project member. All the activities are done on NikkeiBP and NikkeiBP way SIM in Second Life(Aug.01/2007~Jan.09/2008). In addition, "Archidemo" is Pre-event of "Digital design competition 2007" (Nikkei Architecture sponsoring).
To expand the possibility of "Architecture in Metaverse" that was the concept besides "Imitation of the Physical world", various demonstrations that used LSL (Linden Script Language) were developed by a lot of creators.
In "Archidemo", the field crossing collaboration was achieved. Trial of Inworld (=in the virtual-space) photograph exhibition by photographer and metaverse-architect, In-world activity, installation of media art, scientific visualization, trial of realization of world of Sci-Fi novel, chatbot space, workshop by student, and so on.
Contents Oriented Space
"Contents oriented space" is a new concept and design method of space.
In Architecture in Metaverse, the following points are requested - "Contents of architecture" can be recognized visually, and be accessed directly from the outside of architecture. "Wall and ceiling" that obstructs the view and restrains the action is essentially unnecessary.
Instead of wall and ceiling, “Navigation” composes an architectural space. People can do flighting, walking, and teleporting and “landing on the contents”, in Metaverse - Just like in the WEB space.
Translating real space into virtual space
In “Archidemo”, there were a lot of architectural experiments that used photograph and movie of a real-space as a “material” of the construction of a virtual-space.
"Wall and ceiling" is unnecessary in Architecture in Metaverse, as being described in the preceding chapter. In a word, It is not effective reproduction that even if the construction of the real world is reproduced by Realistic 3-D modeling.
As an alternative idea, There is very effective method - composing the space with “Navigation” by using “Material” from the real-world. The program ties the photograph and Movie.
This is a method of reproducing not "Shape" but "Experience". It can be paraphrase of "Translating the real-space into the virtual-space".

Watch the "Dance-Performance in the weightless space"
Avant-garde/like "Super-flat"/ Web2.0 media dance performance tool inArchidemo (project page: ) by "Gekitora Gackt"from "inetdance Japan". Gekitora intends "Dance-performance that can beappreciated from any angle 360 degrees", and does various experiments inArchidemo.Gekitora choreographs both dancers and avators. It is fantastic experiencefor him to choreograph avators, because artist can share only pure movementof motion with many users in Internet. Now, A series of four dances can be tested with the dance-pad.A free body expression act is done in the weightless space. Those expressions reminds users of the space suit of "2001:A SpaceOdyssey".

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