Thursday, April 3, 2008

A Fake is a Fake

You were told that a new democracy of communication was possible, that thelies of corporate media were to disappear and that your voice was going toplay an active role in the formation of public discourse.You were deluded into believing that even the world, this world, wouldbecome a better place through detailed diffusion of low-cost technologies,through the birth of telematic networks and the establishment of blogs andsocial networks.While the watered-down fantasies that came with the rise of web 2.0 arebeing dissolved, a bitter consciousness remains:that communication itself, after all, is an illusion. That information,however probable it may seem, is still a fiction and that a fake, in theend, is only a fake. Anyway.

Rising directly from the ashes of the blogosphere, the imaginary art groupLes Liens Invisibles is proud to present A Fake is a Fake, the ultimateplatform dedicated to fake publishing, that will finally render yourcommunication strong, incisive, and paradoxical. Thrust your voice beyondthe limits of reality and explore the new frontiers of detourningcommunication: you can finally speak with the voice of Power.

Les Liens invisibles <> is an imaginary art-group from Italy. Their artworks are based on the invisible linksbetween the infosphere, neural synapsis, and real life.

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