Thursday, April 24, 2008

SwanQuake - the user manual by Igloo

SwanQuake - the user manual, is a collection of essays regarding a major interactive virtual installation art project by igloo (Ruth Gibson & Bruno Martelli) and their collaborators. SwanQuake is, as its name suggests, a meeting of computer game technology and dance. It consists of a series of interactive virtual environments built using the Unreal Engine 3D game system and populated by characters animated using motion capture techniques.
SwanQuake is a unique project involving the ongoing making of an interactive artwork comprising 3-D computer graphic environments and motion-capture driven characters created from a variety of materials and methods by an interdisciplinary team gathered together and led by igloo.
In each of the pieces, using a game controller, the viewer navigates freely throughout the 3D computer graphic environments.
The spaces are comprised of both exterior and interior landscapes, each thematically, visually & sonically distinct where users can interact with avatars to create new performances / performance spaces.
However, despite the title 'mashup' of computer game Quake and traditional ballet Swan Lake, there are no targets, health points, wins or dying swans here......

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