Friday, April 25, 2008

The Center for Communication and Context Kyiv (CCCK) and its investigation Post Funding Eastern Europe emerged in response to the Center for Contemporary Art Kyiv and its exemplary economic and political position. Since August 2006 CCCK has in publications, discussions, exhibitions and articles aimed to encourage to debate the values and roles possibly assigned to contemporary art in relation to the ideological background of its financial stake-holders in Ukraine.
In its prospective extension CCCK aims to instigate a further re-reading of East European and Central Asian Soros Centers for Contemporary Art (SCCAs), which were established through Soros funding during the 1990s and had to re-position themselves since the final cease of Soros funding for the Art Centers during the 2000s.
With the emergence of Soros Art Centers in the 1990s local art-scenes experienced a sudden increase of resources, enabling the freshly founded Centers to give out grants, realize productions, to foster local art-scenes and to organize large-scale exhibitions. Whereas Soros Centers proved added values in relatively stable and developed cultural scenes of countries as Slovenia or Poland, especially in countries at the outskirts of the Soros program such as Ukraine, Belarus, Kazachstan or Russia the final cease of funding forced those centers to close down or to persist without substantial funding.

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