Wednesday, December 5, 2007


It is Fine (co-directed by David Brothers) is Glover's second trip behind the camera since 2005, when his debut What is It? confronted viewers with radically cryptic narrative and a range of disabled actors. His follow-up pushes the envelope even further, consisting primarily of the horrendous psycho-sexual fantasies of its late star and writer Steven C. Stewart -- a man severely afflicted by cerebral palsy.
The film was written by Utah writer-actor Steven C. Stewart, who also appears in What Is It?. He died of complications from cerebral palsy in 2001, only one month after principal filming wrapped. Glover said in an online chat that "it's an autobiographical, psycho-sexual, fantastical retelling of [Stewart's] point-of-view of life."
"It is the second part of a Glover-directed trilogy about the physically handicapped. Glover's aim is to show that people with less-than-perfect bodies are as human as anyone else. It's a worthy and so-far successful crusade." V.A. Musetto New York Post
“Glover and Brothers force you to see this crippled person as a suave leading man. To say the film is weird would be cliché, it's way beyond that the film drew laughs and gasps from the audience. The odd thing about it all - it works. It's actually refreshing to see someone who actually has cerebral palsy in a film rather than some actor playing someone with cerebral palsy…" Chris GoreFilm Threat
What Is It?
What Is It? is the first in a planned trilogy, to be followed by It Is Fine. Everything Is Fine! and It Is Mine. A film whose title is unlikely to be answered for most viewers by the time it's over. The plot sounds like what you'd expect from Glover -- a cast composed largely of people with Down's Syndrome, a large helping of explicit sex, a man in blackface protesting that he's Michael Jackson and the frequent and surprisingly upsetting destroyal of snails with salt...

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