Monday, December 3, 2007

borderXing exercise.
The Status Project
"The Status Project is an expert system for identity mutation," says net art pioneer, Heath Bunting. Presently available as an online database, it forces the user to describe themselves through a set of multiple choice questions. While the Status Project currently maps the systems that control our documented identities, Heath is developing software which guides us through the process of building and modifying these official documents. With effects in the real world- ranging from getting a Tesco club card to appearing on the electoral register, the artists' ultimate aim is to apply for a passport with his new identity.
In this exhibition, the artist will present 5 maps of the system, one of which will be custom made for the Nottingham psychogeographic walk. His newly authored Status Manual, containing diagrams of the system, will also be on display during the exhibiton.
The opening will take place on Wednesday 28th Nov at 6pm in Room 1 at Broadway.

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