Friday, December 14, 2007

dNA - double Negatives Architecture

smooth compound-eyes -> super-eye
type: research & theory
time: 1995~
location: Tokyo National University of Fine Art and Music
sota: direction, programming, drawing
Mitsumasa Yuki: modeling
Utchy: drawing
Ryu1 Nogami: CG
Miki Miyatake: english translation
The notation of "space" has a crucial role in production of new concept of "space". It is the starting point of this project and also a premise which is a core of the concept. It does not mean that a new type of "space" will emerge. The "space" is invariable, but our view point on space changes. Such thought occurs only in our mind, so I decided to focus on how to express the new concept, how to visualize what is actually invisible. For example, in the course of history, "when we acquire a vision for infinity, a map can be produced, or we will be able to understand what 'to reign a territory' means." Or, "in a drawing or a painting rendered in perspective, the perception of an individual is based on the ideal position of the landscape." In other words, the invention or alteration of notation not only expands the concept of space but even causes the shift in social paradigm, although this may sound a little exaggerating. Actually, we use a method to give "space" a notation, and through that methodology we share the understanding of space with others. Although it is a method which we have acquired through education and training, it is merely one of many methods. My expectation is that if I search for different notations for space and use them, I will be able to reach different standpoints.

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