Friday, December 7, 2007


Conceptual neo-dadaistic artistic couple which haunts for grotesque aspects of both institutionalized art world and the very phenomena of art production itself. Their strategy is obvious and almost embarrassing in its literacy and straightforwardness but apparently that is their strongest aspect. Their issues and targets are elemental as well: everyday ethics, not to say moral code booklets, become their source of subject-matterlike vocabulary. The investigation is always and first of all in regards to the psychology of behavior as influenced or provoked by the external aspects of life and politics. Oscillating between use and abuse, advanced manipulation and cold untouchable registration of absurd reality, their work is truly critical and sincere in its desire to uncover the pathologies and hidden normalcies of inter-human relations. Their actions are always well structured and the dramaturgy is almost perfect, precise and calculated, cold and emotionally disturbing, bold and vicious, thoroughly penetrating. It perhaps only needs to be more carefully balanced: the desired scandal properly used as a tool to emphasize a decay of certain values and their sudden corruption.

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