Monday, December 3, 2007

TRANS + FUSION = Tr@nsfusion

The Project Tr@nsfusion 2007 will try to deal with the questions of the contemporary postmodernistic culture and artistic practices, which emerged on cognitive and geographical between the East and West Europe in the 80’s and 90’s and are still in a developing phase. By the contemporary & critical research methods in order to bring together the art & aesthetics, philosphy & art, politics & art with new media and critical social theories, we will try to consider rethink the following topic: State of the (Contemporary) East/West Art after Transition.
The purpose of Tr@nsfusion is to reconsider and reflect on the mentioned topic, mainly in view of the constitution of a contemporary trans-national subject’s identity within the context of globalisation, as well as considering the trans-national or trans-cultural practice and relations in the field of art & social/critical theory, resulting from the logics of capital, European integration, policies and technolgies applied in view of the new forms of time & space distribution. In this context Tr@nsfusion will try to answer the question of the role of West European conditions of subject constitution in the East European art, culture, theory and politics as well as in the subject practice itself. By Tr@nsfusion 2007, with participation of artists, media activists, theorists we want to create the art-aesthetical, multi-media, critical theoretical free research space, which would enable the discussion about national & trans-national media politics, technology and science which are themajor problems in the contemporary Europe.
The basis of the project’s idea is contained in its title Tr@nsfusion 2007 - words TRANS and FUSION can be understood as two heterogenic determinants with a significant impact on semantic of (as well) both contemporary social, culture, art practices (as) and live circumstances. The prefix defines international and trans-national characteristics of the project focusing on the practical, theoretical and multimedia connections between the themes of the Western and Eastern Europe. The word FUSION describes heterogenic/diversity of art practices presented in the project and our tendency to express the complex problem of Contemporary East/West Art after Transition. The concept of Tr@nfusion 2007 is focused on art, media and social critical projects, which share the efforts in critical outlook on contemporary social relationships. The project wants to consider the European policy of trans-nationality in practice and to take part in the social and cultural fusion. In this way the project wants to establish an artistic discourse in order to reconsider the practice of social integration, constitution of national and trans-national identities within the urbane environment (nexus). In this way the founders of Tr@nsfusion 2007, all participants and the (general) public would like to contribute to the creation of a new history.

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