Monday, December 17, 2007

PRIX ARS ELECTRONICA - International Competition of Cyber Arts

The “Hybrid Art” category is dedicated specifically to today’s hybrid and transdisciplinary projects and approaches to media art. Primary emphasis is on the process of fusing different media and genres into new forms of artistic expression as well as the act of transcending the boundaries between art and research, art and social/political activism, art and pop culture. Jurors will be looking very closely at how dynamically the submitted work defies classification in a single one of the Prix categories of long standing.
This category is open to all types of current works in any form:
Autonomic Installations and Artworks
Autonomous Sculptures
Performance and Stageprojects
Media architectures
Media based Interventions in public spaces
Mechatronics / Kinetics / Robotics
Location based and geospatial storytelling
Multi user environments
Annotation software tools
Artificial Life
Transgenic Art
Software Art, Generative Art

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