Monday, December 31, 2007 Angela Dorrer
Urban Pilgrims are travelling from city to city to find out what places and its people are really about. The project is an examination of urban spaces on various levels: an online questionnaire among inhabitants about legends, rumours and personal experiences in their city, continuously growing online archives and guided tours in public using collective performance with behavioural instructions.
Urban Pilgrimages are poetic urban extracts. They dig their way into the grain of cities to find out what places and its people are really about. Participants get involved in individually tailored, dramatized performances about their city, based on an online survey, a blog and continuously growing internet archives.
Urban Pilgrimages can take on various forms, such as behavioral instructions or procession-like journeys with collective movement, gesture, sound, props, food, music and personal encounters. The personalities and communities within the given place with their stories and emotions become the artistic material. Individual experience becomes a public field, which generates a new cartography of a place - the essential toolkit for the 21st century voyager.

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