Friday, December 21, 2007

[Nictoglobe] Drowning man with cell-phon

Creative insurgency opposes established cultural domination
Contrary to creative resistance, creative insurgency, aims to overthrown and re-establish a new kind of creative order, in which the might and prowess of the mainstream art world is definitively pushed aside to make place for a more profound and human based faculty of sharing and re-distributing objects of art and devotion.Creative insurgency re-claims art’s own, autonomous right to resist and subvert society’s (mis) use of its idiomatic resources. Claims currently made by designers, merchants, industrialists and the like.One of the key debates among art officials, (inter)national cultural experts and scholars concerns changes underway in the nature of insurgency. "Classic" insurgencies sought to seize power and evolved from underground and guerrilla forces. Contemporary insurgencies...

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