Sunday, December 2, 2007

.mk Vs .gr

Upgrade! Skopje
"Girls know best"exhibition + DJ lap/top/set
Saturday, 24.11.2008, 21:00 h
Cultural centre Tocka
This exhibition is an announcement for the project Consumer vs. User 2.0 that will be realized from January to June 2008. The exhibitionwill introduce several young female artists from Macedonia which willtake part in the project afterwards. Besides, there will be apresentation of female artists which a result of continuouscollaboration with Kyd Campbell from Canada.The participants of the exhibition are: Marija Sotirovska, KristinaHadzieva, Kristina Gacova, Jasna Dimitrovska, Ruki and Ivana Dragsic.Consumer vs. User 2.0 project is focused on the technologicaleducation of two different groups: female artists and youth between11-21 years old. This project is an extension of the 6 workshopsrealized in 2007 that helped educating more than 50 people. Next yearsprogram will be consisted of two workshops with a longer duration anddeveloped in collaboration with different partners that will beannounced additionally.Curators: Elena Veljanovska and Cveta Spasova : Line Initiative and Movement.

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